• 02 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

The good preparation effect of air jet mill for battery materials is due to these EPIC Powder Machines

Battery material air flow pulverizer is an indispensable part of battery material processing. Its role is to fine process battery raw materials, so that coarse particles can be broken into very fine particles, increase their surface area, and greatly improve the utilization rate of raw materials

The air flow crusher for battery materials is composed of a crushing host, a cyclone separator, a pulse dedusting box, etc. In this system, the particle size of the material is gradually reduced after passing through each crushing machine to reach the required particle size. In this kind of crushing system, appropriate crushing machinery and crushing ratio should be selected at each stage to maintain the production capacity of mutual coordination between each stage. At the same time, in order to reduce excessive crushing, improve crushing efficiency and reduce energy consumption, screening or grading must be carried out after each crushing operation. It is suitable for superfine grinding of dry powder raw materials such as battery materials, electronic materials, fine chemical raw materials, new polymer materials, etc. There are many reasons for the good preparation effect of the air jet mill for battery materials, mainly including the following: 1. The principle and characteristics of the lower crushing area are the same as those of the disk supersonic air jet mill, which makes the powder added into the mill easy to be hit by the air flow. Compared with the fluidized bed impact model, the pulverizer rate is higher, which improves the crushing efficiency. 2. The upper classification principle adopts the fluidized bed horizontal worm gear for forced classification. The cutting point is accurate and the efficiency is high. It can control any raw material with different hardness. 3. In the crushing process, due to the forced classification of the upper horizontal worm gear, the oversized materials are deposited at the bottom of the crusher, and the concentration of the powder in the crushing area is twice that of the disc air flow crusher, so this model has higher crushing efficiency than the disc air flow crusher. 4. The crushing parts are all made of corundum ceramic materials, including the high-speed grading impeller. To ensure that the crushed materials remain high purity, free of metal pollution, and can properly disaggregate and agglomerate particles without damaging the effective particle structure to affect the electrical performance of materials. EPIC Powder Machinery is a better manufacturer of battery material air flow pulverizer in China. It has been in the battery industry for many years, and has a deep foundation and rich production experience in equipment technology and process. EPIC Powder Machinery battery material air flow pulverizer has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and good stability, and can also provide free experiments and detection



Olli Särkkälä

Hello, We are looking for a milling solution for our oat production (two products). 1. We have oven baked oat kernels (with skin intact) and 2. Oven baked oat husks These we should make into fine flour. Previously they have been made by stone mills (whole oat kernel) and the other product (oat husk) by two hammer mills (first around 2mm sieve and the other around 1mm sieve). We would imagine a hammer mill with a 0,7mm-1mm sieve or such would be suitable to grind into fine flour. It seems that suction-blowing hammer mills are not suitable since they leave "little sticks" into the otherwise fine flour. Yearly production volume is about 80.000 kg combined so nothing huge is needed.



i need herbal roots grinding machine for my small scale herbal medicine business. i make capsules for sale. thaks

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