• MBS Classifier
  • MBS Classifier

MBS Classifier

Good top cut for both very fine product and medium-fine product.

  • MBS air classifier has both special wheel and deflector, which makes it good for the medium-fine separation range between approx. d97 20 - 200 micron. The high output, high efficiency and low energy consumption of fine powder are the general guidelines.
  • Pressure drop is low, energy consumption is low.
  • It can be designed for production of wide range of fineness, especially very coarse grade of powder product. Generally speaking, the design for fine separation can be used for max. fine upto 8micron, and the design for coarse separation can be used for max. coarse upto 200micron.
  • We offer not only small model for small capacity, but also a big model for large scale production. Max. feed rate of the biggest model can be 800 t/h.
  • Wear resistant construction is available for even the most abrasive applications.
  • It can be integrated with ball mill in closed circuit, for size reduction of various materials.

According to different materials and application industries, the production capacity and particle size range will be different.

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Working Principle

The feed inlet of classifier is on the top of classifier. The feed material goes into the classifier from top by gravity, and falls to the centrifugal plate of classifying wheel. The feed material would be distributed uniformly and radially dispersed towards the baffle ring, and routed downwards into the classifying zone. The classifying air enters the spiral housing and flows through the helical deflector vanes and then the classifying wheel in centripetal direction. The fines would be taken by air flow into classifying wheel and fly into the cyclone collector or bag filter collector, meanwhile the coarse would be rejected by the centrifugal force of classifying wheel and fall down into the lower section of the classifier.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters of SRM series MBS Classifier

Parameter / Model Drive power (KW) Speed/coarse (rpm) Speed/fine (rpm) Air flow rate (m³/h) Fineness (D97:μm) Max. feed(t/h)
MBS01 5.5 2120 4240 2800 8 4
MBS02 11 1540 3080 4700 9 6.6
MBS03 15 1150 2300 8600 10 12.1
MBS04 22 800 1450 15200 13 21.3
MBS05 37 670 1210 23400 14 32.8
MBS06 45 520 930 31000 16 43
MBS07 75 420 760 49000 18 68
MBS08 110 350 630 74000 20 100
MBS09 132 280 440 107000 25 140
MBS10 160 240 380 150000 27 210
MBS11 185 230 350 190000 28 260
MBS12 220 230 310 237000 29 330
MBS13 280 210 280 288000 31 400
MBS14 320 210 260 344000 33 480
MBS15 380 200 240 402000 34 560
MBS16 475 200 230 469000 35 650
MBS17 540 190 210 536000 37 750
MBS18 630 180 200 606000 38 840

Machine detail pictures

Show the machine details related to the MBS Classifier, the details determine the quality.

MBS Classifier detail
MBS Classifier detail
MBS Classifier detail
MBS Classifier detail

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