• 02 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

The medical airflow pulverizer can refine raw materials and completely release the efficacy of EPIC Powder Machinery

Pharmaceutical raw materials need to be superfine processed to produce various preparations. Generally, the smaller the particle size of raw materials is, the more thorough the drug effect will be released. Pharmaceutical raw materials are generally dispersed into water or solvent (such as carbomer solution) to prepare drug suspension and pharmaceutical finished products. The superfine and seeded raw materials require the use of a medical air jet mill, which is a high-tech equipment. Now let's look at the processing method and characteristics of the medical air jet mill together with Xiao Bian

When the medical air flow pulverizer is running, the medical powder materials enter the flat cylindrical air flow pulverizer box from the tangent direction under the push of compressed air or nitrogen, and are continuously added under the action of the peripheral air flow nozzles, forming a spiral movement track. When the slow materials just entering the pulverizer box hit the accelerated materials on the spiral movement track, they will collide, So as to achieve the crushing effect. The action of centrifugal force will make larger particles move around the crushing box, while smaller particles will be discharged from the middle of the crushing box with the airflow. The characteristics of the medical airflow pulverizer are: 1. Strong crushing capacity, low energy consumption, and relatively small product fineness. 2. The crushing space is large, and the high strength wind pressure generated when the turbine is running can not only improve the production capacity, reduce the over crushing phenomenon, but also effectively avoid the deposition and blockage of the screen mesh caused by materials in the crushing process. 3. As the shearing is strengthened, the crushing capacity of fibrous materials is higher than that of ordinary equipment. The medical airflow pulverizer is suitable for small batch production in the laboratory, with simple structure, solid structure, stable operation and good crushing effect. The crushed materials can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber of the main machine, and the particle size can be obtained by changing the mesh screen with different apertures. In addition, the machine is made of stainless steel. The inner surface of the casing is smooth after machining, which changes the roughness and powder accumulation of the inner wall of the previous machine, and makes the production of drugs, food, chemicals, etc. more in line with national standards

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