• 02 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

How much do you know about the closed-circuit airflow crusher? EPIC Powder Machinery

The common pulverization processes of air flow pulverizer include low temperature pulverization, normal temperature pulverization, high temperature pulverization, closed circuit and open circuit. Different grinding processes are suitable for different materials. For example, resin materials are suitable for low-temperature crushing; Materials with high water content are suitable for high-temperature crushing, lithium battery materials are suitable for closed-circuit airflow pulverizers, lithium carbonate is suitable for open-loop conventional airflow pulverizers, and non mineral materials are suitable for open loop airflow pulverizers at room temperature, etc. Now Xiao Bian will introduce you to the closed-circuit airflow pulverizer



Olli Särkkälä

Hello, We are looking for a milling solution for our oat production (two products). 1. We have oven baked oat kernels (with skin intact) and 2. Oven baked oat husks These we should make into fine flour. Previously they have been made by stone mills (whole oat kernel) and the other product (oat husk) by two hammer mills (first around 2mm sieve and the other around 1mm sieve). We would imagine a hammer mill with a 0,7mm-1mm sieve or such would be suitable to grind into fine flour. It seems that suction-blowing hammer mills are not suitable since they leave "little sticks" into the otherwise fine flour. Yearly production volume is about 80.000 kg combined so nothing huge is needed.



i need herbal roots grinding machine for my small scale herbal medicine business. i make capsules for sale. thaks

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