Roller Mill SRM

Compared with traditional mills such as ball mills, impact mills, and jet mills, ultra-fine ring roller mills have proven to be the most efficient dry mills.

Air Classifier MBS

MBS air classifier has both special wheel and deflector, which makes it good for the medium-fine separation range between approx. d97 20 - 200 micron.

Three-Rotor Mill for Surface Coating

Mature process, low investment, suitable for stearic acid coating modification; Self friction heat generation, less auxiliary equipment; It is suitable for the modification of 325 ~ 1250 mesh powder.

RTM Turbo Mill for Powder Coating

It adopts German technology, high-precision mechanical crusher and continuous technological innovation and upgrading, which is suitable for 60 mesh - 10000 mesh (250um-1um).

Pin Mill for Powder Coating

Surface modification is through incremental packaging, packaging becomes a treatment method for functional fillers, which is necessary, with the main purpose of surface modification of mineral fillers.

Ball Mill

Ball mill with multi-wheel classifiers can produce a wide ragne range of d97 3 µm - d97 75 µm in capacities of 1 t/h up to 100 t/h. The system can be designed for pneumatically or mechanically transportation.

Air Classifying Mill MJW-L

Crushing and grading are integrated, and the ideal product particle size is obtained by adjusting the grading wheel, which is suitable for d50:2 ~ 45 μ Product crushing between M.