• Ring Roller Mill
  • Ring Roller Mill

Ring Roller Mill

Large output and high production efficiency

  • Large output, more than twice the production efficiency of Raymond mills and jet mills, good product fineness indicators, easy installation of complete sets of equipment, no large-scale civil engineering, all fine powder can be recycled, no pollution to the environment, and the dust removal effect reaches the dust industry Emission Standards;
  • Widely used in calcium carbonate (calcite, marble, limestone, chalk), barite, kaolin, dolomite, magnesite, alumina, ultrafine cement, slag, steel slag and other industries;
  • Favorable product granularity and stability,Ideal equipment for current dry grinding method to produce non-metallic mineral fine powder such as calcium carbonate.
  • Particle sizes can be adjusted as needed.Could produce powder of D97: 3-8μm, and also produce ordinary powder of D97: 10-40μm.
  • Can be used in series with multi-stage classifiers to produce products with multiple sizes at one time.
  • Particle size range: D50: 1.5~45μm.

According to different materials and application industries, the production capacity and particle size range will be different.

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Working Principle

Roller mills(micro powder roller mill,fine roller mill,ring roller mill,roller grinding machine,automatic roller mill) are mills that use cylindrical rollers, either in opposing pairs or against flat plates, to crush or grind various materials. Roller mills are an alternative to traditional mill stone arrangements in gristmills. Roller mills for rock complement other types of mills, such as ball mills and hammer mills, in such industries as the mining and processing of ore and construction aggregate; cement milling; and recycling.

The ring roller mill uses the principle of impact, extrusion and grinding to pulverize the material.

The ring roller mill is equipped with multi-layer grinding rollers and grinding rings, and the material first falls between the uppermost grinding roller and the grinding ring. There is a large movable gap between the grinding ring installed on the grinding ring bracket and the pin shaft. When the material passes through the gap between the grinding ring and the grinding ring, the material will be crushed by the impact, extrusion and grinding of the grinding ring. When the material passes through the multi-layer grinding rollers and grinding rings from top to bottom, the material will be ground many times. Under the action of gravity, the pulverized material falls to the bulk material tray at the bottom and is thrown into the air flow channel, and is brought into the classification area at the top by the air flow; the classification wheel classifies the powder, and the qualified fine powder passes through the classification wheel and enters the The dust collection system collects, and the coarse material is thrown to the inner wall of the shunt ring, and then falls back into the crushing area for crushing.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters of SRM series Ring Roller Mill

Parameter / Model Feed Size (mm) Moisture (%) Mill Motor (KW) Classifier Motor (KW) Fan Motor (KW) Product Fineness (mesh) Production Capacity(t/h)
SRM800 < 10 - 20 < 5% 75 15 - 18.5 37 - 45 325 - 2500 0.5 - 4.0
SRM1000 < 10 - 20 < 5% 132 22 - 30 55 - 75 325 - 2500 1.0 - 8.0
SRM1250 < 10 - 20 < 5% 185 37 - 60 75 - 110 325 - 2000 2.0 - 12
SRM1680 < 10 - 20 < 5% 315 55 - 92.5 132 - 180 325 - 1500 3.0 - 20

Machine detail pictures

Show the machine details related to the Ring Roller Mill, the details determine the quality.

Ring Roller Mill detail
Ring Roller Mill detail
Ring Roller Mill detail
Ring Roller Mill detail

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