• 02 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

This paper introduces the principle, characteristics and application of FL air classifier EPIC Powder Machinery

The working principle of FW air flow classifier is: the control cabinet starts all equipment, controls the supply system, and sends raw materials into the dispersion chamber (there are three feeding modes: upper, middle and lower feeding modes). The mixed powder enters the dispersion chamber. Under the action of the induced draft fan, the mixed powder starts to disperse. The spiral air at the secondary air inlet disperses the mixed powder fully. The primary air inlet guides the fine powder into the classification chamber through the high-speed rotating classification wheel, The required superfine powder is sorted out and sent to the powder outlet pipe. Coarse particles are thrown out and discharged by the coarse powder discharge valve

The superfine powder enters the cyclone separator through the pipeline for powder gas separation. The superfine powder is collected and discharged by the rotary discharge valve. The finished fine powder is packaged. The tail gas enters the dust collector for purification and filtration, and the clean air is led out by the induced draft fan. FW air classifier features: (1) low energy consumption: less gas consumption, only gas for air seal and ash cleaning. (2) Wide sorting range: easy to adjust, from 1.5µ m--45µ M can be adjusted at will. (3) High separation precision: no large particles. (4) High separation efficiency: more than 85% of the effective ingredients can be separated. (5) No pollution: operate under fully sealed negative pressure, no dust and low noise on site. FW air classifier is mainly used for: at present, most of the powder production equipment produce mixed powder with relatively dispersed particle size distribution, but in practical application, only the ultra-fine powder in a certain particle size range or a certain particle size range can meet the needs of users. Classifier is a special separation equipment that provides ultra-fine powder in a certain size range from mixed powder. FW air flow classifier is composed of: (1) main machine: it is divided into dispersion chamber and classification chamber to separate mixed powder; (2) Gas powder separation system: separate the mixed gas of gas and powder, and separate the fine powder from the air. Including cyclone separator, rotary discharge valve, small silo, manual butterfly valve, etc; (3) Dust collector: filter and purify the tail gas containing a small amount of dust sent by the cyclone separator. The components include pulse bag filter, rotary discharge valve, small silo, manual butterfly valve, etc; (4) Raw material supply system: automatic quantitative supply of raw materials to the classifier, including frequency modulated rotary discharge valve, small silo, manual butterfly valve, etc; (5) Control cabinet: it supplies all power to the equipment, and has the following functions: manual control inspection, automatic operation control, automatic feeding, automatic shutdown, automatic ash removal, automatic fault shutdown, audible and visual alarm, emergency shutdown, etc. (6) Several iron removal devices can be selected according to user needs. FW air classifier is one of the main equipment produced by EPIC Powder Machinery, which can be used for grading, segmentation, dispersion and depolymerization of various dry powders



Olli Särkkälä

Hello, We are looking for a milling solution for our oat production (two products). 1. We have oven baked oat kernels (with skin intact) and 2. Oven baked oat husks These we should make into fine flour. Previously they have been made by stone mills (whole oat kernel) and the other product (oat husk) by two hammer mills (first around 2mm sieve and the other around 1mm sieve). We would imagine a hammer mill with a 0,7mm-1mm sieve or such would be suitable to grind into fine flour. It seems that suction-blowing hammer mills are not suitable since they leave "little sticks" into the otherwise fine flour. Yearly production volume is about 80.000 kg combined so nothing huge is needed.



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