• 05 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

The manufacturer told you that the air flow crusher is worn fast, so EPIC Powder Machinery can do this

Many manufacturers who want to carry out crushing process will choose to purchase an air flow mill, but not all air flow mills can be used for production and processing, and the wrong processing method will make the air flow mill wear faster. If the air flow pulverizer is worn too fast and the material hardness is too high, the pulverizer cavity with suitable material should be selected. The equipment operates at a high crushing pressure for a long time, which requires periodic replacement of worn parts and uneven crushing products. The product after crushing is generally single peak. If there are two or more peaks, the main reason is that the crushing pressure is unstable. The solution is to ensure that the minimum air supply pressure of the air source is higher than the working pressure on the basis that the air supply capacity of the air source equipment can meet the air demand for work. The feeding speed is unstable. Solution Check whether the feeding valve is blocked; Whether the material is too viscous, the fluidity is uneven, and the feeding speed is controlled stably. Filter cake is formed in the chamber of crusher. Solution: Suspend the crushing work, remove the filter cake in the chamber of the crusher, and then resume production. Impact of detection methods

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