• 05 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

Qingdao Juzi air flow mill can provide free incoming material test and inspection EPIC Powder Machinery

The air flow pulverizer is at the end of the process, which has a great impact on the performance of the Zui end product. Therefore, the processing of electrode materials is an important link. Because the price of battery cathode raw materials is high, if the products crushed are unqualified or over crushed, the yield will be greatly reduced, and the loss will be very large. Therefore, whether the products produced by the crushing equipment can reach the narrow particle size, without over crushed and large particles, The requirement of low fines rate is particularly important

When the basic function is determined, that is, whether the requirements for crushing fineness are met or not. The air jet mill is an ultra-fine crushing equipment, not a nano crushing equipment. It can only be called a nano if it is below 200nm. It is difficult to reach the nano level by physical methods. The performance parameter is D97=2-45um, that is, the fineness can be about 97%=2um. If it is 50% or the average particle size is about 0.5-1um, this performance is also the limit of the equipment. Moreover, for some special materials, not all materials can meet this requirement, so the jet mill cannot reach nanometer. The initial fineness of raw materials is related to the physical properties of materials, the fluidity of materials and the uniformity of particles. Some materials have poor fluidity, many impurities and high solvent content, which may lead to material blockage during the production process. At this time, special equipment should be used. Not all materials can be crushed with standard equipment to achieve crushing fineness, which is related to the crushing pressure during the crushing process. Some equipment feed pressure is greater than the crushing pressure, and some equipment crushing pressure is greater than the feed pressure. Specific materials need specific design. It is related to the feeding speed. Not all materials have good fluidity. The feeding process is a very important factor whether screw feeding or vibration feeding is used. Some very fine materials are difficult to feed. At this time, special personalized configuration is required to achieve the feeding effect. Therefore, a good way for zui of a certain material is to do a test first to see the effect. Don't venture to ask what fineness a certain machine can achieve. The same machine may crush other materials to d100< 2 μ m, but for another material, d90< Five microns is not enough. EPIC Powder Machinery is a professional manufacturer of jet mill, which can provide free incoming material test and detection, and provide users with a great guarantee of zui. Welcome to call 15762271767

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