• 05 Dec, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

Fluidized bed jet mill is easy to operate and has high applicability

With the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the practicality of a kind of mechanical equipment, including the operation of equipment. The operation of too many locks is easy to cause equipment failure due to improper operation, so the simplicity of the operation of the fluidized bed jet mill has become one of the standards for testing its applicability. This article focuses on the start-up and mechanism of fluidized bed jet mill, hoping to help you more directly

In order to quickly start a new fluidized bed jet mill, we need to understand some operations and functions of this equipment, so that we can achieve the effect we want. Only when we are familiar with it can we use it easily. Before understanding the operation engineering, it is important to know how to turn on and off the machine. Let's have a look. Start up: (1) Start the motor first, control the current and time when starting, so that the equipment can start running. When the equipment is in normal operation, start feeding. The feeding amount can be adjusted appropriately according to the nature of the material. (2) The feeding shall be uniform and continuous, and shall not vary from big to small, which will affect the separation effect of the crusher and may also cause the machine to fail. Shutdown and inspection: (1) Stop feeding and turn off the motor after all materials in the crusher casing are crushed and separated. After leaving the machine idle for another 3 minutes, press the stop button to stop the machine. (2) After the machine is completely stopped, open the inspection door to check the wear of wearing parts. (3) Fill in the corresponding production records and update the equipment status signs for the next start-up. In addition to being widely used in industrial development, fluidized bed jet mill is also very important in the field of food equipment. The quality of fluidized bed jet mill directly affects the product effect. Under the action of high-speed airflow, materials can obtain huge kinetic energy, which can cause high-speed collision and severe friction between material particles in the crushing chamber. At the same time, high-speed airflow can shear materials, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing materials. The application of this technology is almost all over the fine processing industries, such as chemical industry, medicine, food, plastics, mining, metal materials, etc., and occupies a special position in many specific powder fields

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