Jet Mill MQL

Jet Mill MQL

Product Description

  Jet mill consisting of fluid bed opposed jet mill with integrated turbo classifier(s) for highest applications with best top cut and steep particle size distribution. The classifier rotor is vertically installed.

  There are various functions as mainly:



  homogenization and mixing

  selective operation


  surface treatment

  and many others

Product Feature

  Fluid bed opposed jet principle

  Integrated turbo classifier as single wheel or multi-wheel

  Products free of oversize

  Steep particle size distribution


  Special nozzle configuration

  Los in weight system

  Laboratory system available

  Cryogenic, inert, hot gas solutions


  After the compressed air is filtered and dried, it is sprayed into the grinding chamber at high speed through the Laval nozzle. At the intersection of multiple high-pressure air flows, the materials are repeatedly collided, rubbed, and sheared to be crushed. The crushed materials rise with the suction of the fan. The airflow moves to the classification zone. Under the action of the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification turbine, the coarse and fine materials are separated. The fine particles that meet the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator and dust collector through the classification wheel for collection, and the coarse particles descend to the crushing zone and continue to be crushed.

Product Parameter

Model MQL03 MQL06 MQL10 MQL20 MQL40 MQL60 MQL80
Feed Size
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Product Fineness
8- 150 8- 150 8- 150 8- 150 10- 150 10- 150 10- 150
5- 100 10- 200 20- 400 50- 800 150- 1500 300- 2000 400- 6000
Air Consumption
3 6 10 20 40 60 80
Air Pressure
0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85 0.6 - 0.85
Installation Power
26- 37 47- 68 68- 106 145- 184 276- 310 402- 427 520- 600


  Data of production capacity and product fineness in this sheet are just for your reference. Different materials have different characteristics, and then one model of jet mill will give different production performance for different material. Please contact me for tailored technical proposal or trials with your material.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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