Air Classifier CTC

Air Classifier CTC

Product Description

  Air Classifier CTC is an air-flow internal-recirculation centrifugal classifier, also called “Coarse Powder Classifier”, “Dedusting Classifier”, designed for high powder yield between 32 - 250 micron at low energy consumption. Its handling capacity can be 2 t/h – 80 t/h by its different models. We have 2 designs: with internal fan & without internal fan. It does not require external powder filter collector & suction fan to complete the powder classification process.It is used to produce fine powder product, and also is used for dedusting of sand product. Low-wear design is available for abrasive powder processing (Mohs hardness 6-8).

Product Feature

  - wide fineness range

  - simple setting of product fineness

  - high fines output rate

  - low specific energy consumption

  - low fines circulation rate

  - small space requirement for installation, simple erection

  - low maintenance


  Dynamic classifier, also called Centrifigual Classifier or Centrifigual Separator, is designed to produce coarse powder or to remove dust from sand product.

Product Parameter

CTC Model

Note: the throughput or production capacity depends heavily on raw material fineness, density, moisture and flow-ability. The data above is just for your reference.

  - Fineness: d97 32micron to 250micron

  - Capacity: 1 t/h - 30 t/h

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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