Pin Mill for Powder Coating

Pin Mill for Powder Coating

Product Description

  Two rotors running in opposite direction, their linear speed can be up to 200m/s.

  High-speed impact, shear and friction lead to full dispersion of materials and temperature rise, resulting in powder modification completely.

  We achieve the highest coverage or modification with minimal coating material andcost.

  In polymer materials, composite materials such as plastics, rubber, adhesives, etc., non-metallic powders must be modified as a filler to enhance their compatibility with the matrix, dispersion, mechanical strength and overall performance.

  The modifier can be selected from stearic acid or a coupling agent (titanate coupling agent, aluminate coupling agent, phosphate coupling agent, etc.).

  Wideapplication, can achieve the desired activation effect on various inorganic mineral powders.

  Dispersity of modifier is increased by means of dilution, emulsification and spray.

  The material to be modified is fed into the coating machine, where the material will be mixed, dispersed and then coated by atomizing modifier sprayed by dosing pump and the powder will be coated evenly and completely.

  Control of system temperature and time is so regulated not only to meet the requirement for coating mechanism or modifier on technical conditions, but also to guaranteecoating sufficiency.

  Ensure the adequacy of material coating by uniform feeding and coordination with the quantitative feeding of modifiers.

  In conjunction of accessories ( depolymerizing machine or classifier), the product quality will be improved largely.

  After modification, the powder has various functions such as dispersion, viscosity reduction, filling, interface mechanics.

  The whole system is easy to operate, high degree of automation, high efficiency, low cost.

  Personalized solution for powder surface modification based on material properties and product use.

Product Feature

  The two needle discs in the mill rotate at high speed in opposite directions;

  The fineness of the product is achieved by adjusting the speed of the dial;

  The machine is easy to clean, just open the grinding door;

  The material should not exceed Mohs hardness 3;

  No sieve, smooth discharge, high capacity and low operation cost; dual power can be used to achieve a linear speed above 200m/s to obtain greater crushing power.


  The two rotors are in relative motion, and the linear velocity is as high as 200m / s. High speed impact, shear and friction lead to the full dispersion of materials and the sharp rise of temperature to meet the needs of particle coating.

Product Parameter

Model  MJL-P200 MJL-P400 MJL-P630 MJL-P800
D97:5μm 300kg/h 700kg/h 1800kg/h 3000kg/h
D97:10μm 500kg/h 1300kg/h 3300kg/h 5800kg/h
D97:15μm 600kg/h 1600kg/h 4000kg/h 7200kg/h

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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