Air classifying mill MJW-A

Air classifying mill MJW-A

Product Description

  Easy disassembly and cleaning, no dead angle design, double shafts of crushing disc and grading wheel, compact structure, suitable for d50:2 ~ 45 μ M, low noise design can be selected.

  It adopts German technology, high-precision mechanical crusher and continuous technological innovation and upgrading, which is suitable for 100 meshes - 2500 mesh (150) μ m-5 μ m)。

  Product features: Biaxial structure, used for crushing materials with low particle size requirements, low calorific value and high efficiency. It can meet all ceramic pure production, almost no growth of magnetic substances in the production process, and the flow field in the equipment is stable.

Product Feature

  Available D50:2~45μm.

  Classifying wheel is Vertical installation.

  Two-In-One shaft of grinding disc and classifier wheel, compact structure.

  Especially suitable for ultra-fine grinding in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

  Small floor space. seamless and smooth design, easy disassembling and cleaning.

  Lower energy consumption, wide application, high cost-performance.

  Key parts like hammer, gear ring and classifying wheel are made of wear-resistant material, and also ceramic ensuring non-contact with metal throughout the grinding for high purity of the final product.

  Grinding is in closed system, low dust and noise, clean and environmentally friendly.

  PLC control system, easy operation.

  Low noise design.

  The motor can be connected with belt to increase rotating speed.

  Can be used in series with multi-stage classifiers to produce multiple sizes.

  Optional explosion-proof design, meet the ultra-fine grinding processing requirements of flammable and explosive oxide materials.

  High-temperature, low-temperature, normal-temperature, airtight cycle, Inert gas cycle designs are available, for different grinding requirements of different materials.


  The material is uniformly sent into the grinding chamber by the feeding system, and is strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding disc. At the same time, it is subjected to the centrifugal force to collide with the crushing ring gear, and is subjected to various comprehensive forces such as shearing, friction, and collision. The material is ground, and the crushed material moves to the classification area with the airflow. The coarse and fine materials are separated through the classification wheel adjusted by the frequency conversion. The products that meet the fineness requirements enter the cyclone collector and the dust collector with the airflow for collection, and the coarse particles return to the grinding area to continue shattered.

Product Parameter

Parameter / Model 280 350 450 510 710 900 1100
Diameter of grinding disc (mm) 280 350 450 510 710 900 1100
Rotating speed of grinding disc (rpm) 7000 5600 4350 3850 2760 2350 1920
Linear speed of grinding disc (m/s) 102.6 102.6 102.5 102.6 102.6 110.7 110.6
Grinding motor power (kW) 7.5 11 22 30 45 75~90 110~132
Classification motor power (kW) 1.5 3 5.5 5.5 7.5 15 30
Rotation speed of classifying wheel (rpm)(max) 4500 4000 3200 3000 3000 2200 2000
Air volume (m³/h)(max) 600 1200 2400 3000 4500 8000 12000


The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineers for details.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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