Turbo Mill

Turbo Mill

Product Description

  As already shown in the name of this mill, the principle of grinding is the impact force. The TurboWhirl Mill is an ideal combination of impact- and fluidized bed mill for grinding, homogenisation,deagglomeration and coating. Thanks to their screw-less fixing, the beaters can be replacedquickly and easily. The rotor’s beater equipment can be flexibly modified with regard to therelevant grinding and product demands. The possibility to operate the beater in both clockwiseand counter clockwise direction increases the beater’s lifetime.

Product Feature

  For soft to medium hard products

  Absence of metallic contamination

  For fibrousproducts especially

  Pressure shock proof design

  Low energy consumption

  Step particle size distribution

  Easy adjustment

  Part wise no classifier needed


  The material is uniformly fed into the grinding zone by feeding system and strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding disc. The grinding rotor is composed of a multi-layer grinding disc and a plurality of grinding blades, the material is subjected to various grinding forces such as shearing, collision, friction etc and finished grinding. The qualified materials are collected into the collection zone with the ascending airflow, the coarse materials are returned to the grinding zone for secondary grinding.

Product Parameter

Model Rotor Dia.
Rotation Speed
Max r/min
Air Flow
Output Size
RTM-300H 300 18.5~22 7550 1600 5~250 30~800
RTM-500H 500 45 4700 2400   80~2000
RTM-750V 750 55~75 3000 3600   100~3000
RTM-1000V 1000 90~110 2250 4800   200~4500
RTM-1250V 1250 110~132 1800 6000   300~6000

Note: The data sheet above is just for your reference. Please contact us for the detail brochure to know more about our different Turbo Mills.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to realizing service modernization and technology optimization, using technology to solve customer problems, and using service to improve customer experience.

  • Combination of production and research

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