Pin Mill

Pin Mill

Product Description

  It is a type of vertical shaft impactor mill and consists of two rotating discs with pins embedded on one face. The discs are arrayed parallel to each other so that the pins of one disk face those of the other. The substance to be homogenized is fed into the space between the disks and either one or both disks are rotated at high speeds.

  Pin mills can be used on both dry substances and liquid suspensions, they can achieve particle sizes as low as a few micrometers.

  Material is evenly fed into grinding chamber by feeding devices, strongly impacted by high-speed rotating disc. At the same time, it is subjected to various comprehensive forces such as friction, shearing and collision between the static disc and rotor disc to grind material. The rotor disc and static disc can be combined in different structural forms according to nature of material to meet the grinding requirements of different materials.

Product Feature

  The two needle discs in the mill rotate at high speed in opposite directions;

  The fineness of the product is achieved by adjusting the speed of the dial;

  The machine is easy to clean, just open the grinding door;

  The material should not exceed Mohs hardness 3;

  No sieve, smooth discharge, high capacity and low operation cost; dual power can be used to achieve a linear speed above 200m/s to obtain greater crushing power.


  The materials are uniformly fed into the grinding chamber by the feeding system, and are strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding movable disk. At the same time, they are subjected to various comprehensive forces such as friction, shearing, and collision between the static disk and the gear ring, so that the materials are crushed. According to the different properties of the materials, the grinding movable disk and the static disk can be combined with different structures to meet the crushing needs of different materials.

Product Parameter

Mill Type 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1250
MJL-P Rotor Diameter
160 260 360 520 630 730/800 1000 1250
4/5.5 7.5/11 22/37 37/45 55/75 75/90 110/132 200/250


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Our Commitment

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