Air Classifier ITC

Air Classifier ITC

Product Description

  The ITC air classifier is designed for fine classifications in the range of 2- 150 µm.

  This type of classifier belongs to the family of turbo classifiers. The wheel is placed in a vertical position to get a good dispersion of the feed product.

  The feed is transported by the primary air stream into the classifying chamber or is fed from top by gravity. The secondary air stream enters the classifier from a ring of guide vanes or from air inlet at bottom cone.

  The classifier can work independently or be integrated in a grinding - classifying circuit.

  For this application a high feed rate with a good yield is assured.

  The materials of construction are selected for highest strength during production.

  We have developed several designs to meet different project requirements:


  -ITC-S for coarse product

  -ITC-C for finer product

  -ITC-D for finer product & higher efficiency

Product Feature

  Fine classification with high performance

  Direct and belt driveavailable

  Feed tangential in the classifying zone

  Lower speed rates required

  Adjustment of cut point by variable rotor speed via frequency converter

  Construction material can be mild steel, stainless steel or wear protected

  The solid construction and the selected materials of construction give a long life time with low maintenance costs and low investment


  Under the action of the fan, the material moves to the classification area at a high speed from the lower inlet of the classifier with the updraft. Under the action of the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification turbine, the material is separated, and the fine particles meeting the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator or dust collector through the blade gap of the classification wheel for collection. The velocity of some fine particles entrained by coarse particles disappears after hitting the wall, and then decreases to the secondary air outlet along the wall of the cylinder. Through the strong washing effect of the secondary air, the coarse and fine particles are separated, the fine particles rise to the secondary classification in the classification area, and the coarse particles drop to the discharge port for discharge.

Product Parameter

Model ITC-0 ITC-1 ITC-2 ITC-3 ITC-4 ITC-5 ITC-6
4-7.5 7.5-15 15-30 22-45 30-55 45-75 75-110
(d97: um)
2-150 3-150 3-150 5-150 7-150 12-150 20-150
0.1-1.2 0.4-4.5 0.6-7 1.5-13 3-19 6-35 10-50

  Note: the throughput or production capacity depends heavily on raw material fineness, density, moisture and flow-ability. The data above is just for your reference.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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