The composition & function of the air classifier system
  • 10 May, 2022
  • By EPIC Powder

The composition & function of the air classifier system

Some application fields of ultrafine powder have certain requirements on the particle size distribution or gradation of ultrafine powder. Only fine classification of ultrafine powder products can meet the requirements, such as microelectronics, advanced ceramics, advanced abrasives, paper fillers and Coatings, plastics and rubber fillers, paint pigments or fillers, toners and other industries. Airflow classifier is a professional equipment for fine classification of ultra-fine powder, and it has been widely used in various fields.

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The air flow classifier is mainly composed of a feeding control system, a classifier host (1-4 units), a high-efficiency cyclone collector, a pulse bag filter, a high-pressure induced draft fan and an electrical control system.

(1) Feeding control system: The feeding control system is composed of a star feeder or a vibrating feeder combined with a frequency conversion control instrument, a feeding bin, etc., and a continuous uniform speed control of the feeding is achieved by adjusting the output frequency/current level of the feeder.

(2) Classifier host: The classifier host is mainly composed of a motor, a grading wheel, a cylinder, etc., which can effectively classify materials by adjusting the speed of the grading wheel and cooperating with the secondary air.

(3) The impeller of the classifier is adjusted by the frequency converter, and protection measures such as loss of voltage protection, over current protection, material level control, operation status monitoring and alarm system are designed.

(4) Cyclone collector: This equipment is a first-level collection system in classified products. After the dust-laden airflow enters the cyclone collector, due to the centrifugal force, the powder will slide down the wall of the cylinder and be separated and purified at the end of the inner cone. The purified gas and a small amount of fine powder are discharged through the cyclone center tube.

(5) Pulse bag filter: This equipment consists of a bag collection device, a pulse cleaning device and a pneumatic control device.



Abubaker Abdulhakim

i need jet mill for out put particle size of 5-7 microns,the material that we use different raw chemicals with input particle size of 10-15mm.the capacity we need for our project is 10-15kg/h.



i need to produce ultrafine gypsum powder with capacity 8ton/hr with finish product size max.50 micron and the inlet powder size 200 micron

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